Elgen Tech

Elgen Tech provides commercially viable solution to the worlds energy efficiency challenge and climate change threat. We offer unique renewable power technology based on the high efficiency single loop organic Rankine cycle power generation unit which converts wide temperature heat range into electrical energy.

Pilot prototype proved the outstanding efficiency — 26% vs 18% existing ORC plants and other features: CO2 reduction, fire and explosion safety, wide range of utilized heat and reliable operation in outdoor temperatures from (- 40) to 50°С without capital construction.

The following industries and processes benefit from our solution:

  1. Petroleum refining — Fractionation, thermal cracking, catalytic, and treatment;
  2. Natural Gas Compressor Stations — exhaust of gas turbine-driven compressors;
  3. Cement industry — exhaust gases, clinker coolers;
  4. Heavy metals — coke ovens, blast furnaces, basic oxygen furnaces;
  5. Chemical -petrochemistry, fertilizers, chlorine, ind. gases.
  6. Biomass