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ORC for industrial waste heat recovery

The industrial sector accounts for 1/3 of the total energy being consumed. Due to inefficiency around 20 to 50% of this energy becomes exhaust heat that could have been reused for «clean» power generation employing waste heat recovery systems. The demand for waste heat recovery is continuously growing globally under the rising commitment of the industry to reduce energy consumption, operational costs and carbon emissions.

Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) is a technology ideally suited for wide range of industrial processes heat recovery. As opposed to steam heat recovery systems, ORC can give better efficiency for lower temperature applications. However, existing market solutions have multiple limitations that prevent the common use of ORC technology.

  • Recovery of medium and low temperature heat < 600 t°c
  • Automated operation
  • Fast start up and shut down
  • Flexible placement, away from the heat source if required
  • Reduces plant energy consumption, and carbon footprint
  • Second water circuit — high installation, operation and mainteneance costs
  • Fire hazardous and explosion hazardous working fluids
  • Low efficiency compared to steam cycle

Existing ORC plants have high installed costs and limited usability. Working fluid is often fire and explosion hazardous

Pilot plant proved highest efficiency 28% and lowest installed costs on the market 1500 USD/kW

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Elgen Technology – next generation ORC heat to power plant

Based on scientific research of Moscow Power Engineering University (MPEI) Elgen Technology team introduced and patented next generation organic Rankine cycle power generation unit which converts low and medium temperature heat into electrical energy with record market efficiency.

Pilot plant proved highest efficiency on the market - 28% (Against industry maximum - 19%) and winning features:

Unlike most of ORC our plant has unique single circuit design. The fluid with lower boiling point and higher vapor pressure is used to transfer heat from an external source into a closed single loop system.

Unique single circuit desing


it’s the key component of the entire plant. The working fluid expands in the turbine making he blades spin. Mechanical energy is then converted in electricity by a generator directly coupled with the turbine shaft.


The working fluid flows through the heat exchangers, extracting the heat from industrial exhaust gases. Their exact geometry and configuration depend on the energy source and the total thermal input.


Brings the organic fluid from the condensation pressure to the maximum pressure of the cycle. The pump can be horizontal or vertical driven by an electric motor at variable rotating speed.


With the direct air to fluid heat exchanger, the organic fluid is cooled and liquefied before entering the pump. The use of air eliminates the requirement for water to treatment and make up. It is possible to use also a water cooled condenser.

~$39 -> ~$53 BILL

Markets and applications

Major drivers for international OCR market are growing government regulatory requirement, increasing concern towards environmental protection and the concern over rising energy prices.

Natural Gas Compressor Stations – waste heat from the exhaust of gas turbine-driven compressors into electricity. Russia is biggest end user

Petroleum refining - distillation (fractionation), thermal cracking, catalytic, and treatment

Cement industry - exhaust gases, clinker coolers

Heavy metals - coke ovens, blast furnaces for iron production, and basic oxygen furnaces for steel production

Pulp/Paper Industry - waste heat in the paper drying process

Chemical - petrochemistry, fertilizers, chlorine, ind. gases

Nuclear power plant - water cooling circuit

Proposal to clients and investors


Elgen technology undertakes the entire product development, manufacturing and installation process of the ORC turbine and plant internally. The process includes:

  • R&D and product development both for the turbine and for the cycle components (special design of heat exchangers and package arrangements)
  • Material testing and technology validation — pre and post construction testing is standard practice
  • Engineering and project management — customized service for all clients ensures tailor-made solutions every time
  • Design, manufacturing and assembly of the turbine and packaging, with strong quality control procedures
  • After sales service and maintenance to ensure reliability and ongoing assistance for the life of the product.


We search for investor and strategic partner to continue global development of the company. On the current stage we need $ 0,7 — 1 mln to construct commercial prototype and begin international sales in 2018. Elgen Tech company is member of Russian State Skolkovo Foundation ( with grant opportunity to receive 50% of the needed money ammount. We need co-invesment in amount of $ 0,35 — 0,5 mln and offer co-investor 30-35 % of companies share.

We are ready to discuss most convenient forms of cooperation including joint venture in special economic zones, sales of license and co-development.

Your investments will be doubled by Russian State SKOLKOVO Foundation

Key team members

Shadrin Alexey


CEO and Founder of Russian Carbon Fund ( and Blockchain Ecosystem platform for environmental assets trading (

Phone: +7 916 476 00 71

Starovoitov Vlad

Chief Engineer

More than 8 years of experience in thermal power plants procurement, engineering and construc- tion. Managed multiple R&D projects for ORC implementation on gas compressions stations.

Phone: +7 916 453 13 35

Sukhih Andrey


Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of the Department of thermal power plants in the Moscow Power Engineering Institute.

Milutin Vasiliy

R&D director

Professor of Department of thermal power plants in the Moscow Power Engineering Institute which he graduated from in 1982.

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